Regression to the mean in mathematics is the theory that when an outlier is detected in a measurement, subsequent measurements will eventually regress towards the mean of the overall set. This can happen for 2 reasons, either the measurement itself moves towards the mean, or the mean moves towards the measurement.

Our blog hopes to present ideas that maybe be outliers when compared to the status quo, but eventually will become the norm. We hope to do this by presenting ideas that are pragmatic from a business perspective and academically idealistic, yet often overlooked in the day-to-day execution of the Information Technology trade.

Leo IrakliotisLeo Irakliotis 

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Leo is the National Director (Dean) for the College of Information Technology at Western Governors University, a private not-for-profit online university established by 19 US Governors in response to workforce education needs. His interests are in data science and data modeling. Previous roles held by Leo include professor, dean, chairman, and senior research engineer. He holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Colorado State University and an MS in Physics from Miami University. In his free time he enjoys photography, diving, sailing, ham radio, cooking, reading, community affairs, and (recently) oil painting. He is currently serving as a commissioner for the Village of Oak Park where he lives with his wife and their two dogs.

Michael Ducy

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Michael Ducy currently works as a Cloud Architecture Lead for CompuCom Systems, Inc, and is responsible for the design and implementation of Cloud solutions. Before CompuCom, Michael worked as a Cloud Solutions Consultant for enStratus focused on customer requirements gathering, customer validations, and channel relationships.  Prior to enStratus, Michael worked at BMC Software focusing on Cloud Computing and Data Center Automation. Michael also worked in various capacities at Orbitz Worldwide, focusing on performance management, capacity planning, and operations.  Michael has held other roles as a Linux Systems Engineer, Instructor of IT courses, and Private Consultant.  After graduating from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a degree in Computer Science, Michael completed his Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Chicago.  More recently Michael completed his MBA at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

In Michael’s spare time he enjoys taking on various wood working and home improvement projects (such as finishing his basement) and spending time with his wife and 3 children.  Michael’s work takes him all over the world, and whenever possible he enjoys taking his family with him on these excursions.

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