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Cloud Cred? Oh Really?

March 12, 2013


I stumbled along the Cloud Cred site setup by none other than the Cloud confused VMware. After initially deciding not to sign up, boredom got the better of me, and I created an account. First, when you sign up you are assigned to a team, and your team works to complete “tasks” to earn Cloud Cred. […]

How Choosing Your Cloud OS is like Choosing the Next Pope

March 12, 2013


If you work in an enterprise of any size, Cloud is surely a hot topic for your CIO/CTO. Public, Private, Hybrid, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, blah, blah. You might have even went down the path of choosing a Cloud solution for your organization with varying degrees of success. As the Catholic Church convenes PapalCon 2013 to […]

Technology Churches, Religion, and Evangelism

April 12, 2012


I watched an interview with John Willis recently where he brought up the “Church of DevOps”. This “church” was described as a passion and excitement for DevOps, that can often be mistaken for arrogance and intolerance for differing ideas. This idea is nothing new and we see it play out again and again in technology circles. […]

Herding the Skunks

February 13, 2012


Management, particularly of chaotic entities, is often called “herding cats”. Several years ago, EDS made a big splash with their Super Bowl commercial that showed Cat Herders moving teams of cats across the country, much like Cowboys used to move cattle. But what do you do when the cats are actually skunks, or a Skunk Works department […]

The Specialist is Dead, Long Live the Specialist

February 2, 2012


First let me start with a disclaimer: I consider myself to be a generalist, or as the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Thus my opinions on this topic might be a bit skewed. That being said, the transition to Cloud based models is shifting paradigms for many organizations; not only in […]

The NIST Matters, Whether You Like it or Not.

January 19, 2012


Way back in September of 2011 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released the NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (link here). Upon the release, some experts of Cloud Computing nearly took to the streets of Maryland – where NIST is based – with pitchforks and torches calling for the author’s heads. Come back […]